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A lifestyle management company offering smart, simple, modern day solutions to bring function back in to your life!  



A lifestyle management company offering smart, simple, modern day solutions to bring function back in to your life!  


Meet Melissa

Urban Chick weds Country Slick... off away they go... designing and organizing here, there, and everywhere with Harley their mutt in tow.

It didn’t take long to realize that my husband’s and my schedules were worlds apart; managing an executive and pilot’s schedule is no easy feat.  Urban Chick began a life-changing quest to mold two different careers and a new business with her adorable Country Slick.  

As a seasoned finance executive, life manager, and home organizer, I am here to help bring balance to every aspect of your life.  18 years experience as a professional executive has given me insight to know what busy people need to make life more manageable and enjoyable.  

Bringing two different lifestyles together has given me unlimited inspiration and the ability to solve problems using innovative solutions. I understand that managing our busy lives in today’s modern world can be overwhelming. Whether you are looking for a more organized life, office, or need small business services, Urban weds Country has the right solution for your lifestyle management needs.

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Lifestyle Management


Lifestyle Management

Urban weds Country is a premier lifestyle management and business service company serving the Oklahoma City Metro. We provide comprehensive concierge and personal assistance to busy executives, families, and individuals who have limited time in their schedules. Completing clients' to-do lists, Urban weds Country will minimize the everyday stresses of overburdened people, giving them more time to focus on their priorities and lead a more organized and streamlined life.

Our motto, “putting the function back into dysfunction,” reflects our commitment to providing clients with peace of mind. Trusting us to provide the wide array of services will help manage your daily errands and complete personal or business related tasks. Urban weds Country give you those extra hours in the day you have been hoping for.

Utilizing Urban weds Country means having the services of a domestic delegate, a personal business assistant, or an occasional event coordinator.


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Dry Cleaning

Email Organization

Estate Management

Event Tickets

Family Calendar System


Grocery Shopping

Home Organization

Home Budgeting

Kitchen Organization

Meal Planning

Office Organization

On-site concierge services

Party and Event Planning

Personal Shopping

Post office/mailings

Property Management

Relocation Services

Restaurant Services

Spa Appointments

Transportation and Valet Services

Travel Arrangements

Vacation Planning


Bookkeeping services

Calendar planning

Corporate Events

Corporate Gifting

Corporate Housing and Relocation

Executive Assistant services

Financial Budgeting

Non-profit Event Organization & Management

Office Organization

Paperwork Management

Policy and Procedural Processes

Technology Training

Time Management

Virtual Assistant





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